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The Unbound Classroom


Chelsea Miro



The Unbound Classroom book cover

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About the Book

In The Unbound Classroom, learning specialist Chelsea Miro shows how to design creative thematic units that meld various disciplines, using universally designed approaches that focus on reaching every student. The Unbound Classroom is about creating a classroom experience that reflects the world that students find themselves in on a daily basis.

Miro walks through each step of creating a robust thematic unit but also includes shorter lessons, activities, and strategies that teachers can take to their classrooms tomorrow. The Unbound Classroom will be an exciting addition to any teacher’s toolbox.

The Unbound Classroom by Chelsea Miro is available in paperback ($21.00, 103 pages, ISBN: 9781930583429) and EPUB formats ($21.00, ISBN: 9781930583436)!

Table of Contents

About the Author

Photo of author Chelsea Miro

Chelsea Miro is the founder of the tutoring consultancy Chelsea Miro Educators. She is also a K-12 learning specialist and former elementary school educator. She holds two degrees from Brown University, including a Master of Arts in Teaching.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Unbound Classroom Approach
  • Practical Aspects of the Unbound Classroom: The UDL Connection
  • Chapter 1: Establishing the Unbound Classroom
  • Chapter 2: Finding the Lens of Your Unbound Unit
  • Chapter 3: Creating Lasting Knowledge Through Your Unbound Unit
  • Chapter 4: Structuring Your Unbound Unit
  • Chapter 5: Unbound Is Variable: Developing a Unit for Every Student
  • Chapter 6: Fostering the Culture of an Unbound Classroom
  • Appendix A Designing With the UDL Guidelines in Mind
  • Appendix B Universal Design for Learning Guidelines
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author

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