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Author Stories

Learn more about the educators publishing with CAST, their motivations, and their experiences implementing Universal Design for Learning.

Photo of Elizabeth Berquist and Your UDL Journey book cover

Implementing UDL Beyond the Classroom

A look at author Elizabeth Berquist's career in Universal Design for Learning.

Photo of Andratesha Fritzgerald and her family along with the book cover for Antiracism and Universal Design for Learning

Antiracism & UDL Converge for Student Success

Andratesha Fritzgerald shows how to prepare learning environments so all students — especially Black and Brown students — can succeed.

Photo of Kasia Derbiszewska and T. Nicole Tucker-Smith

How To Provide Effective Professional Development Remotely

Co-authors Kasia M. Derbiszewska and T. Nicole Tucker-Smith offer tips for remote professional development.

Photo of Allison Posey presenting along with the Unlearning book cover

‘Unlearning’ Invites Educators to Re-Think Practices

We speak with Unlearning co-author Allison Posey about the challenges faced when educators change their practice

Photo of Nicole Tucker Smith with the Supercharge Your Professional Learning book cover

Author ‘Supercharges’ Professional Learning

We learn about Supercharge Your Professional Learning co-author T. Nicole Tucker-Smith's background and bringing UDL to professional learning.

Photo of Katie Novak and the Unlearning book cover

‘Unlearning’ Key to Meeting All Students’ Needs

Changing your mindset is not easy. Katie Novak shares about Unlearning and challenging how teachers think.

Photo of Eric Moore with the UDL Navigators book cover

Higher Education Author Advocates for UDL

We speak with Dr. Eric J. Moore, co-author of a new CAST book, UDL Navigators in Higher Education on implementing UDL at the college level.

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