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Art for All: Planning for Variability in the Visual Arts Classroom


Liz Byron



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About the Book

In this one-of-a-kind book, artist and teacher Liz Byron demonstrates how to design lessons and instruction in the visual arts using the inclusive principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Art for All: Planning for Variability in the Visual Arts Classroom offers teachers classroom-ready advice on how to transform their practice in sustainable ways with UDL. Readers learn to set meaningful goals, measure progress, customize instruction, and engage all learners across grades. They also discover ways to help all students appreciate and embrace themselves as artists.

Art for All: Planning for Variability in the Visual Arts Classroom is available in paperback ($12.00, ISBN: 9781930583375) and EPUB ($12.00, ISBN: 9781930583382) format.

Art for All is the second title in the CAST Skinny Books™ series. Visit the Skinny Books page to learn more!

Table of Contents

Liz Byron on Art for All

Watch the entire series of short videos to get behind-the-scenes insights from Liz about Art for All.

Art for All Playlist

Praise for Art for All

This highly readable, useful book is filled with lots of takeaways and good advice for teachers about how to implement UDL practices.

Linda F. Nathan Executive Director, Center for Artistry and Scholarship, and
faculty member, Harvard Graduate School of Education


About the Author

Photo of author Liz Byron

Liz Byron is a practicing artist and the preK–8 visual art teacher at Gardner Pilot Academy, a full inclusion Boston (MA) public school. Liz is a Massachusetts professionally licensed teacher in visual art, special education, ESL, middle school math, and elementary education. During her career, she has taught almost every subject, working with students from preschool through graduate school.

Liz earned her bachelor’s degree in studio art and elementary education from Boston College. She received a master’s in arts in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and an MEd in special education (moderate disabilities) from Lesley University.

She leads various education professional development workshops and courses on Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Liz is continually working to enhance her instruction by applying UDL and is perpetually inspired by her students and the arts.

Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter 1: Start with Goals
    • The Need for Clear Goals
    • Key Takeaways
  • Chapter 2: The Art of Engaging All Students
    • Classroom Design: Messy but Organized
    • Options for Engagement
    • How Do You Respond to Disengagement?
    • Designing a Highly Engaging Visual Art Lesson
    • Key Takeaways
  • Chapter 3: The “What” of Art Instruction
    • Options for Representation
    • An Art Lesson with Multiple Means of Representation
    • Key Takeaways
  • Chapter 4: How Artists Show What They Know
    • Options for Expression
    • “Art Is When ___________?”
    • “This Class Sucks”: Welcoming All Feedback
    • An Art Lesson with Multiple Means of Expression
    • Key Takeaways
  • Chapter 5: The Burnt Banana (And Other Professional Learning Moments)
    • “I Want to Do What I Was Doing”
    • Drinking the Water Is Not an Option
    • Mistaken Names
    • To Trace or Not to Trace?
    • Making UDL Implementation Sustainable
    • A Final Note
    • Key Takeaways
  • References
  • Additional Reading

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