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Elli: A Day in the Life of a Kid with ADHD


Ari H.G. Yates


CAST Professional Publishing & David Berman Communications



Elli: A Day in the Life of a Kid with ADHD book cover

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About the Book

This book was published in partnership with David Berman Communications.

Elli: A Day in the Life of a Kid with ADHD follows real-life 9-year-old Elias (Elli) on his adventures and occasional misunderstandings as a child with ADHD. Author and illustrator Ari H.G. Yates interviewed Elli, combined several of his stories into one, and then worked with Elli to illustrate the journey. Together they hope that other children with learning differences can see they aren’t alone in their challenges, and that it’s possible to approach ADHD in a positive way.

The book also takes a look at the often-complicated relationship between children with ADHD and their caregivers and teachers. (Hint: Adults aren't always right, but they deserve compassion, too.) Elli: A Day in the Life of a Kid with ADHD is a humorous tale with a problem-solving approach that young people and adults alike will enjoy and learn from.

Hi there! My name is Elli and this book is about me!

I’m 9 years old and I have ADHD. It can be hard having ADHD. Sometimes adults get angry at me when I’m not listening or when I have trouble with sitting still and concentrating. But I’m very talented and fun! In this book, I want to explain what it’s like having ADHD, the bad and the good. Maybe another kid can read this book and realize that many others have ADHD, and even though it can be difficult you can still accomplish a lot of cool things...Especially if you understand your ADHD better! My friend Ari wrote this book after interviewing me, my mom, and my dad. But I helped decide which parts went into the book.

But guess what... I also got to draw in the book! I‘m very good at drawing, you see. If you pay attention, I'm sure you can find out which drawings are mine.

Happy reading!

A message from Elli, who inspired the book.

Elli: A Day in the Life of a Kid with ADHD by Ari H.G. Yates is available in paperback ($11.00, 40 pages, ISBN: 9781930583900) and as an accessible EPUB ($11.00, ISBN: 9781930583917).

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About the Author

Ari Hlynur Guðmundson Yates is a writer and illustrator from Iceland. He received his BA in Graphic Design and master's in Art Education from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Groups he has worked with include The Teachers Association of Iceland, Iceland Department of Education, and The Icelandic Mental Health Alliance.

You can learn more about Ari on his website

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