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Deck of Spaces™: K-12 Second Edition


Multistudio & the UDL Implementation & Research Network



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About the Cards

Beneficial for all stages of the design process, Deck of Spaces™ can be used to evaluate student success, improve business metrics, and engage with new ideas in a collaborative and interactive way. 

Utilizing the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, the deck connects concepts of accessibility, equity, and individuality to space design strategies. Ensure your institution is meeting the needs of every individual in school by understanding how to best integrate the three pillars of UDL: Engagement, Representation, and Action/Expression. 

Why UDL and Space Design? Space is proven to influence behaviors and perceptions. If we are to empower educators to meet the needs of learner variability and reinforce UDL’s inherent quality of supporting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, then our spaces must be the body language to reinforce these everyday efforts.

The K-12 Deck of Spaces™ has been designed through an interdisciplinary collaboration of architects, educational researchers, educators, and learners. We hope it inspires you!

The Deck of Spaces™: K-12 Second Edition is available now from CAST ($38, 77-card deck)!

About the Authors

Multistudio (an evolution of Gould Evans) is a national design and planning firm whose principals and associates are united around a common vision: to create places that transform their surroundings, engage their communities, sustain their environment, and support their clients’ missions. They are innovators in the design of education spaces to support UDL and accessible learning for all. Learn more at Multi.studo.

The Universal Design for Learning Implementation and Research Network (UDL-IRN) was formed in 2010 to support the scaled implementation of and research related to Universal Design for Learning. Through collaboration, the UDL-IRN supports and promotes the identification and development of models, tools, research, and practices designed to foster effective UDL implementation in educational environments. Learn more at

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