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Delivering Inclusive and Impactful Instruction: Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education


Kevin L. Merry



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About the Book

Delivering Inclusive and Impactful Instruction is a comprehensive and easy to understand introduction to implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the physical or virtual classroom. Focusing on the application of practical strategies, techniques and methods, the book aims to be the definitive teacher education text for higher education professionals new to teaching in higher education, and new to UDL. This book will also support enhancements in the practice of the most experienced and seasoned teaching staff when it comes to implementing UDL instructional design.

Based on an approach to instructional design utilized at De Montfort University, Delivering Inclusive and Impactful Instruction provides the pedagogic blueprint detailing how a large and exceptionally diverse UK higher education institution successfully adopted UDL as its approach to learning, teaching, and assessment.

Kevin L. Merry shows how educators can respond to increasing levels of learner diversity – a means of creating highly differentiated, customizable learning experiences that reflect the needs and preferences of diverse learners. Critical topics addressed include goal-oriented learning, learning activities, assessment, feedback, planning teaching and opportunities and outlets for reflection and development.

This book will be of particular interest to higher education professionals, including teaching staff, course leaders, learning technologists, educational developers, curriculum design specialists, quality assurance and enhancement specialists, senior academic leaders and managers, or anyone with an interest in higher education instructional design.

Learn more by downloading a PDF preview of the Preface and Chapter 1.

Delivering Inclusive and Impactful Instruction is available in print (240 pages, 7.5x9.25", ISBN: 9781943085040) and accessible EPUB (ISBN: 9781943085057) wherever books are sold!

Table of Contents

Praise for Delivering Inclusive and Impactful Instruction

In this timely book, author Kevin Merry shows how Universal Design for Learning can help educators deliver better courses and instruction, weaving UDL with other contemporary approaches to the topic. Dr. Merry writes with empathy and encouragement based on years of hands-on experience practicing the very things he recommends. Educators and administrators alike in any higher education setting will benefit enormously from Merry’s book—which already has me thinking of ways to improve my own practice and design thinking.

Dr. Richard Jackson, Boston College


In this comprehensive book, Kevin Merry helps postsecondary educators understand why and how they can design curriculum and instruction that is both inclusive and effective. Drawing on his obvious passion for intentional design that lowers barriers to learning, Merry weaves the Universal Design for Learning framework with other complex and layered strategies in an integrated, easy-to-read way. In doing so, he gives educators a blueprint for achieving accessible and inclusive instruction.

Kavita Rao, PhD, University of Hawaii at Manoa


As the diversity, equality and inclusion agendas have moved center-stage for higher education policy and practice, Kevin Merry’s publication Delivering Inclusive and Impactful Instruction provides a timely orientation for educators who are motivated to advance all facets of inclusion. The author’s attention to detail in scaffolding effective learning outcomes, and its clarity of expression, will prove invaluable for illuminating how to optimize outcomes for ALL learners across a range of disciplines. Consequently, this book comes highly recommended as an accessible, practical, and profoundly insightful guide for academics, instructional designers, student services colleagues, and learning technologists.

Seán Bracken, University of Worcester (U.K.) and co-editor, Transforming Higher Education Through Universal Design for Learning

Exceptionally well written and thoroughly 'reader friendly' in organization and presentation, Delivering Inclusive and Impactful Instruction: Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education is an ideal choice for in-service training programs and as a textbook for college/university library collections, as well as supplement Higher & Continuing Education Methods curriculum studies lists.

Midwest Book Review, February 2024


About the Author

Kevin L. Merry is head of Educational Development at De Montfort University in Leicester in the United Kingdom. He is responsible for De Montfort’s university-wide adoption of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

He is a frequent speaker on UDL at conferences on multiple continents. He edits De Montfort’s in-house learning and teaching journal Gateway Papers, and is an editor for the international Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice.

Table of Contents

  • Preface (View Preface and Chapter 1 as PDF
  • Part 1: UDL and Modern Higher Education
    • Chapter 1: The Changing Nature of Higher Education
    • Chapter 2: Universal Design for Learning
    • Chapter 3: Learner Variability
  • Part 2: Underlying Principles
    • Chapter 4: The Meaning of Mastery
    • Chapter 5: Roadmap for Teaching
    • Chapter 6: What We've Always Done
    • Chapter 7: The Cheese Sandwich
    • Chapter 8: The Cheese Sandwich and How People Learn
  • Part 3: Designing for Mastery
    • Chapter 9: Goal-Directed Learning
    • Chapter 10: Learning Activities
    • Chapter 11: Demonstrating Understanding
    • Chapter 12: The Criticality of Feedback
    • Chapter 13: A Word on Technology
  • Part 4: Mastery in Action
    • Chapter 14: Putting It All Together
    • Chapter 15: Evaluating Learning and Teaching
  • Epilogue
  • References
  • Index
  • About the Author

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