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Leading the Way to Excellence in AT Services: A Guide for School Administrators


Gayl Bowser & Penny R. Reed



Leading the Way to Excellence in AT Services book cover

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About the book

Leading the Way to Excellence in AT Services is designed to help administrators identify critical issues and specific actions that will influence the provision of excellent assistive technology (AT) devices and services.

AT experts Gayl Bowser and Penny R. Reed examine four aspects of school administration—leadership, program management, supervision, and advocacy and program improvement—and their relationship to AT. The result is an authoritative and useful guide that explains the legal, ethical, and practical reasons for providing high-quality AT to every student who needs it.

In this highly practical book, school leaders learn to:

  • Identify ways to support educational programs that encourage and sustain students’ and educators’ use of AT
  • Create and share a vision of their agency’s approach to providing assistive technology devices and services;
  • Manage material resources, allocation of personnel, time, and physical resources in a way that helps to provide an efficient, ethical, and cost-effective system for assistive technology;
  • Support educators in learning and applying pedagogical strategies for integrating the use of assistive technology into the educational programs of students with disabilities.
  • Regularly assess current assistive technology services and identify strategies to improve the current model.

The authors showcase a number of resources, self-assessment tools, and specific strategies to help administrators and schools deliver AT services that are academically effective and also cost-effective.

Leading the Way to Excellence in AT Services: A Guide for School Administrators is available now in paperback ($30.00, 130 pages, 8.5x11″, ISBN: 9781930583108) and in EPUB ($30.00, ISBN: 9781930583115) format.

Table of Contents

About the Authors

Photo of author Gayl Bowser

Gayl Bowser is an independent education consultant and mentor. Her work focuses on the creation of service systems that encourage the integration of technology into educational programs for students with disabilities.

Photo of author Penny R. Reed

Penny R. Reed regularly provides consultation and training on a variety of topics related to AT assessment and service delivery with a special focus on helping school districts improve their delivery of assistive technology services.

Together they have authored numerous books and articles about AT and AT services.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Understanding Assistive Technology
  • Chapter 2: Leadership for AT Services
  • Chapter 3: Management for AT Services
  • Chapter 4: Supervision for AT Services
  • Chapter 5: Advocacy and Program Improvement for AT Services
  • Chapter 6: Planning Your AT Leadership
  • References

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